Green Youth Movement
Join GYM

Join GYM

Its easy to join gym

Click on the "Contact GYM" tab on the navigation menu.  (It's at the top right of this screen)

Input "Your Name"

Input "Your Email"

Under "Message", write "Join GYM, Your School, Your School's City and Your Age"

Type in the "Verification Code"

Click "Submit"

We will send you a special Membership email with some information and the official "Green Youth Movement Pledge" form for you to keep.

Thats it.

After you join our organization you will be invited to great events and enjoy many membership benefits.

You can also join our Facebook page and follow GYM on Twitter.

Go to to join our facebook group.

Go to to follow us on twitter.


You can also "Right Click" on the image below,  click on "View Image", and click "Print" to have a physical copy of the GYM Pledge.  Simply read it, select the things that you will do, and sign.


Welcome to Green Youth Movement!  We are proud to have you as a member!






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