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Green for Teens

Green for Teens

Here are some Easy Ways for Teens to Go GREEN!

  • Buy Used!
  • Wheather your considering refurnishing your house or going back to school shopping, buy things that are used! This is a great technique that is recycling someone else’s old items and making them your new ones. This is a less expensive way to shop and germinates creativity by challenging you to find good buys and creating new ways to use old appliances! Good places to buy used goods are garage sales and thrift stores.
  • Reconsider your commute
  • When traveling a short distance to a friends house or to school contemplate walking or riding a bike.  This change of transportation is not only very healthy for you, but it is great for the environment.  Also, if a destintion is too far to walk consider carpooling with a couple friends, which would prevent everyone from driving separately.  Also traveling with friends is way more fun!
  • Unplug Appliances
  • When you are done IMing or surfing the web unplug your computer to save electricity that you are not even using.  Also when you go to bed or leave a room unplug all chargers because even if you are not using the appliance, energy will be wasted if it is plugged in.
  • Buy All-Natural and biodegradable beauty products.
  • Get natural shampoo and conditioner for your hair.  Regular hair products are full of harmfull chemicals that can damage your scalp and hair.  Many companies have natural products that are available to purchase, just go to your local drug store and find one!
  • Download Music on Itunes. 
  • Downloading music online cuts down shipping many CD’s and CD cases.  This is another way to stop the usage of unneeded resources.

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