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Education & Environment Initiative

GYM's mission statement is to educate kids all over the world on living green, and to one day establish this very important information as part of the curriculum in our elementary schools. They believe in educating kids and teens about environmental awareness & eco-friendly behavior.

Within the last year, the state of California has approved this curriculum for the classroom.
California is currently poised to lead the nation in environmental literacy with the Education and Environment Initiative (EEI). More can and should be done to understand our relationship with the environment, and we believe the best place to begin is in California’s classrooms. With education and a thriving economy at the forefront of the state’s priorities, California’s landmark EEI Curriculum is a national model designed to help prepare today’s students to become future scientists, economists, and green technology leaders. Green Youth Movement is now in a partnership with the State of California to promote this new program.

The K-12th grade curriculum is comprised of 85 units teaching select Science and History-Social Science academic standards. Each EEI Curriculum unit teaches these standards to mastery using a unique set of California Environmental Principles and Concepts.

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EEI has been training training top GYM members to represent EEI and become ambassadors for the state of California.



EEI Curriculum Featured at the Green California Schools Summit


California's landmark Education and the Environment (EEI) will be a prominent feature of the  2011 Green California Schools Summit, the state’s largest annual Green Schools event. As one the most significant classroom-based initiatives impacting environmental education, EEI is an effective way to bring the principles and practices of green schools into the classroom.


The Summit takes place October 17-18 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Speakers in the opening general session will include California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson and Carl Pope, chairman of the Sierra Club and co-founder of the BlueGreen Alliance. At a special Leadership Reception in the early evening October 17, guests including Senator Fran Pavley, the Green Youth Movement, Cal/EPA Secretary Matt Rodriquez, EEI Early Adopter School Districts and more will share how they are advancing environmental literacy with EEI.


On Tuesday, October 18, in partnership with the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA), the Summit will be offering an all-day Green Curriculum Institute, offering educators a chance to discover how to implement the EEI Curriculum resources.


Led by the California Environmental Protection Agency, the California Department of Education, and many partners, EEI is a movement underway to reach more than 6.2 million students and 150,000 teachers in California with a curriculum that is the first of its kind in the nation: the only environment-based instructional material formally approved by the State Board of Education for use in K-12 classrooms statewide.


Composed of 85 units aligned to selected Science, History-Social Science and English Language Arts academic content standards, the EEI Curriculum is relevant for students, flexible for teachers, engaging for all. The EEI serves as a national model as it increases environmental literacy and prepares today's students for academic, personal, and career choices that will drive a sustainable and prosperous future for California.


Over the course of the Green Curriculum Insitute, attendees will be introduced to EEI by Mindy Fox, Director of the Office of Education and the Environment at Cal/EPA. Educators will discover how to implement the EEI materials in their schools. They will participate in breakout sessions and take part in a hands-on activity. Thanks to a generous gift from Annenberg Learner and the Annenberg Foundation, every participant in the Institute will receive a complete set of EEI Curriculum materials on disk.


The Institute will begin with a keynote presentation by Charles Saylan, executive director of the Ocean Conservation Society and co-author of The Failure of Environmental Education (and How We Can Fix It). The morning session will also include inspiring presentations about the green future from professionals including award-winning architect green school architect John Dale of Harley Ellis Devereaux.


The Summit and the Green Curriculum Institute are organized by the non-profit Green Technology, a partner with Cal/EPA on EEI outreach and teacher training. “For those who have been wondering what EEI is all about, or how to include it in their classrooms, this is a great opportunity to meet the leaders, see the materials, and connect classroom-based learning to your green school efforts,” said Green Technology editor-in-chief Carl Smith.


Those who register for the Institute also have access to the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Exposition, featuring over 100 companies offering green products and services. They will also be able to attend Monday’s keynote session, and the Leadership Awards Reception.


For more information about the 2011 Green California Schools Summit, visit or call 626.577.5700


To learn more about the Education and the Environment Initiative, and to view the EEI  Curriculum, visit


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